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 The British researchers have developed the portable device for definition of narcotic substances in an organism on a print of fingers. With such devices it is planned to supply employees of traffic police for express diagnostics of an intoxication at drivers, writes New Scientist.

The device is developed by scientists from company Intelligent Fingerprinting based on base of University of East Anglia in Norwich. It represents the tiny detector distinguishing metabolites of narcotic substances, allocated with then through a time on fingers.

The device processes sweat which collect finger applying, gold наночастицами, the covered antibodies. These antibodies contact certain products of processing of drugs in an organism. At such linkage the fluorescent paint "attached" to antibodies specifying in reception of narcotic preparations by the driver is activated.

Initially the device was developed for definition of metabolites of nicotine, but subsequently has been adapted for various drugs, including cocaine, a methadone and marihuana.

As researcher Pol Jejts has explained (Paul Yates), now to prove car driving in a condition of a narcotic intoxication rather difficult: existing analyses demand a blood sampling in the conditions of a hospital, don't exclude pollution of biosamples or are insufficiently sensitive. The new device can distinguish нанограммы metabolites within several minutes.

The report on working out has been presented on International криминалистической to conference in University college of London.
 The portable device is developed for definition of narcotic substances in an organism on a print of fingers      The new device is developed for definition of drugs   1   The new device is developed for definition of drugs     The new device is developed for definition of drugs 
 The volume of investments into building and equipment of shop of tabletno-capsular forms at factory "Medical synthesis" (enters into pharmaceutical holding "Juno", the city of Novouralsk) where new medicines will be made, makes 960 million roubles, 400 million roubles for creation of new shop has allocated fund "Сколково", 560 million roubles more - holding "Juno" means. Building of new premises and installation of equipment it will be finished within several months.

Medical synthesis is going for manufacture of the whole ruler of tabletno-capsular preparations to be made, in particular, absolutely new two for Russian фармпромышленности medicines - antibacterial "Levoflaktotsin" and a preparation of a wide spectrum of action of "Profetal".

One of developers of "Profetalja", the doctor of medical sciences Sergey Rodionov has informed that analogs of a preparation in the world don't exist yet. Its active substance - the alpha-fetoprotein can suppress various autoimmune reactions, block the raised quantity of an estrogen in an organism, the preparation also promotes dissolution of a fibrous fabric. "Профеталь" it can be used for treatment of an atherosclerosis, preventive maintenance of strokes, heart attacks, prevention of a cancer of a breast at women.

According to Rodionova, "Profetal" has already passed phases доклинических and clinical tests. Scientists count that its release will begin in 2012.

The preparation similar to antibacterial "Levoflaktotsinu" already exists in the Russian market under other name, but it is made of the Chinese substance. Now, the Ural scientists have created a new way of its reception. Clinical tests of a medicine now come to the end. The license for its manufacture, possibly, will be already received next year.

«It not a fairy tale, everything that we promise — we will make, workings out are finished, the equipment is bought, we are aimed at struggle against a hepatitis With, with an incurable virus of a herpes, and also from a HIV», — the head Ural pharmaceutical кластера speaks Is scarlet
 New medicines are aimed at struggle against a hepatitis With, with an incurable virus of a herpes, and also from a AIDS      "Medsintez" prepares a medicine for all illnesses   1       "Medsintez" prepares a medicine for all illnesses 
 Within 40 years scientists worked over creation "the traveler on vessels" and here, at last, the device which could move on narrow vessels of a brain, in those places where the usual kateterny tube can't reach, appeared. Thus the main problem consisted in creation not the mechanism, and the motor which would allow the device to move against a blood-groove. The Australian scientists managed to create such motor which in diameter is less, than two human волоса.
Now researchers achieve permission to carry out test for animals, they hope that by means of their motor this device - "traveler" can successfully destroy blood clots, to deliver drugs to necessary fabrics and to do a biopsy.
 Scientists created the device which will allow to travel on brain vessels.      The nanodevice for a biopsy   1       
    Piercing of the finger for many diabetics becomes day after day a part of the life because of need to check glucose level. Now there is a chance that daily piercing of fingers becomes technology of the past thanks to diagnostic system based on the technology developed at Fraunhofer institute.      tiny biosensor for glucose measurement in blood   1       tiny biosensor for glucose measurement in blood 
    Still in the eighties the last century full-scale researches of new methods of a cancer therapy during which testing of the main chemical groups was held began.
After numerous experiments, two groups of substances which are completely meeting above-mentioned requirements were allocated. Besides, the additional tests confirming were carried out that new methods of a cancer therapy are effective and completely safe. The received preparations were patented and at present are in a stage of clinical tests.
Today there is already 17 summer experience of application of this technique. Researches of preparations and their action are carried out in Israel in scientific laboratory "Harlan" and at university, on chair of impellent pharmacology. In Russia modern methods of treatment are approved in laboratory of experimental pathology at institute Sklifosovsky, and as in scientific research institute TEB Russian Academy of Sciences
    new methods of a cancer therapy during   1       
 Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 articles)   Result Pages:  1  


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