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Bandage plaster SAFIX plus 20x3
Bandage plaster SAFIX plus 20x3
195 руб.
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Price-list (HTML) Price-list (HTML)
        Walkers mod.9191,800 руб.
        Walkers with wheels3,200 руб.
        Walkers of fashions. 91232,900 руб.
        Wheel walkers of fashions. 91222,650 руб.
the goods for pregnant women
        transforming bag with a set for women in labor1,850 руб.
        Bandage plaster SAFIX plus105 руб.
        Bandage plaster SAFIX plus 5x360 руб.
        Bandage plaster SAFIX plus 20x3195 руб.
        Bandage plaster porous PLASTRONA 8х3865 руб.
        Bandage plaster porous PLASTRONA 15х31,430 руб.
        Plaster porous bandage 40х51,600 руб.
        PLASTRONA longetten 20 х 204,400 руб.
        Seat for a bath1,700 руб.
Devices therapeutic
        Irradiator ultra-violet ОУФб-04 "Sun"3,150 руб.
        Irradiator OUFK-093,150 руб.
Devices surgical
        the surgical electric device8,000 руб.
x-ray medical films
        KODAK MXB Medical X-Ray Film2,150 руб.
        KODAK MXG Medical X-Ray Film2,150 руб.
        Retina XBM Film1,990 руб.
        X-ray stomatologic film2,781 руб.
        Kodak D-speed585 руб.
        X-ray film Kodak Е-speed 3,1 х 4,1 sm1,260 руб.
        Analytical scales VIBRA AF57,600 руб.
        Analytical scales VIBRA HT49,280 руб.
        Laboratory scales VIBRA HJ-K80,320 руб.
        Laboratory scales VIBRA AJ30,400 руб.
Air purifiers
        Retsirkuljator-irradiator СН-1112,900 руб.
        Air purifier SN-211-1153,700 руб.
        Irradiator-retsirkuljator medical СH211-1153,700 руб.
        Irradiator-retsirkuljator SN211-130м4,900 руб.
        Irradiator-retsirkuljator СН-211-1304,400 руб.
        Irradiator-retsirkuljator СН-111-1302,600 руб.
        Freshener-humidifier Ekosfera1,600 руб.
        130,000 руб.
Invalid carriages
        Armchair invalid mod.809B6,000 руб.
        Armchair invalid mod. S8756,000 руб.
        Armchair invalid "Alpha 01"6,890 руб.
        Armchair invalid mod.20415,800 руб.
        Invalid carriage H0356,100 руб.
        Chair toilet FS6912,000 руб.
Preventive maintenance of decubituses
        Mattress tubular6,100 руб.
        Mattress cellular2,600 руб.
        Mattress tubular with laser punching4,800 руб.
        Pillow the preventive inflatable650 руб.
        Pillow-seat1,000 руб.
Devices acoustical
        Classica A025,000 руб.
        Classica S415,500 руб.
Devices of treatment by oxygen
        The oxygen concentrator mod. Mini18,900 руб.
Devices phototherapy
        Reflector "the Dark blue lamp"1,500 руб.
        Canes mod. 940560 руб.
        Canes mod. 821400 руб.
        Cane tactile for the blind650 руб.
        Crutch axillary550 руб.
        Inhaler ultrasonic mod.4021,950 руб.
        Inhaler compressor mod.4031,200 руб.
        Inhaler compressor WN-112 K NEW2,000 руб.
        Compressor inhaler WN-1171,800 руб.
        Inhaler compressor NEB 502,500 руб.
        Tonometer BP A1002,000 руб.
        Tonometer Microlife BP 3AG11,980 руб.
        Automatic measuring instrument of arterial pressure WA-551,790 руб.
        Automatic tonometer BP A100 Plus2,900 руб.
        Automatic tonometer B.Well WA-331,500 руб.
        Tonometer Microlife BP A110 AFib3,200 руб.
        Tonometer automatic Microlife BP A100 Light1,960 руб.
        Tonometer automatic BP A901,450 руб.
        Tonometer automatic BP RM1002,960 руб.
        Tonometer automatic WA-77 «Talking»2,500 руб.
        Tonometer semi-automatic WA-22h1,000 руб.
        Tonometer semi-automatic BP A801,500 руб.
        Tonometer semi-automatic BP A501,250 руб.
        Tonometer carpal BP W1002,100 руб.
        Carpal tonometer WA-881,200 руб.
        Tonometer mechanical BP AG1-30580 руб.
        Tonometer mechanical BP AG1-40900 руб.
        Tonometer mechanical WM-62S550 руб.
        Mechanical tonometer WM-63S540 руб.
        Tonometer automatic BP RM1003,050 руб.
        stethoscope with a unilateral head300 руб.


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